Bypass Duplicate Tweet Protection using negative tweet id

Twitter doesn’t allow making tweets of same content in relatively near time frame.

But same content can be there in tweet which is made as reply to another tweet.

Attached below is the request made, when replying to a specific tweet.

The tweet to which we want to tweet as reply is decided based on param in_reply_to_tweet_id.

Here, comes my hacker mind voice telling me to try non-existent tweet id, negative tweet id, zero tweet id for the in_reply_to_tweet_id param.

To my surprise when the value of in_reply_to_tweet_id is zero or negative integer, It’s tweeted as a original tweet & not as a reply to tweet also bypassing the twitter duplicate content protection !

Duplicate tweets with same content made in reply to zero or negative tweet id’s

Made a nice report to twitter through H1 platform explaining the issue, unfortunately it was closed as informative as this doesn’t cause any considerable security impact to it’s users or the infrastructure, but is only a bypass to a security control placed on a feature.

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